Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Project Reflection

My website is about a local fishing charter company that runs exclusivly on the cape, and takes families and friends out fishing in the bay. The website explains what the company is about, where to find it, how much we charge, and even information about the fish native to Cape Cod. I think the final site came out good, even though there is room for improvement. There could be more done to make the site look more professional, and if I had more time I would add more attractive fonts. throughout the process of making my website, I experienced many errors. These errors ranged from not having my pictures showing on my site, to having unessesary spaces between my borders and my background. Most of these issues were solved quikly be me finding the error in my code, or by asking Mrs. Kelly to review my code if I couldn't figure it out. The rotating gallery was a struggle for me, but I persevered in the end. Other than that I am happy with my final product.
My Website